Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) is a service to help parents resolve child arrangements and/or property settlements.

Our family dispute resolution practitioners are highly qualified and can help parents resolve parenting arrangements usually without the expense and cost of legal action.

Practitioners will need to talk to each parent separately to discuss their needs and concerns. Practitioners also have an obligation under the Family Law Act to assess whether mediation is appropriate.

After the initial one-on-one session with the practitioner, mediation can usually proceed within a few days. Mediation can be either:

  • Joint – (practitioner and both parents in the same room)
  • Shuttle – (the parents in different rooms with the practitioner going between the rooms)
  • Co-mediation- (usually facilitated by  both a male and a female practitioner)

Certificates: Our practitioners are accredited to issue certificates that can be used to proceed to court.

Locations: Based in Castlemaine & Bendigo but with rooms available through out central Victoria and Melbourne.

PHONE: Scott on 0413 931 232 or Sheila: 0418 542 621 or  to find out more about mediation services or to make an appointment.


Legally Assisted Child Dispute Resolution is when parents in dispute over child arrangements have their lawyers present during the mediation to provide support and immediate advice.  Goldfields practitioners conduct the mediation and use a child focused approach at all times.


Our Child Consultant will ‘interview’ separately from the parents so that the needs of the children can inform parenting arrangements.  The child is never asked to make decisions – that is up to the parents. Child Inclusive FDR is not suitable for all parents.  Goldfields practitioners will decide if Child inclusive FDR is appropriate.  Many parents find they are better able to co-operate during mediation if they have feedback about what the separation process is like for the child/ren.

Contact us for more details about Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution.