The Resilient Lawyer Program – stuff you didn’t learn in law school

Through presenting successful workshops to lawyers in Central Victoria and more recently in Melbourne, we have now developed a comprehensive program to support lawyers become more resilient.

There are six stand alone workshops  each of 90 minutes delivered at your premises. You choose how many sessions you want. We are happy to deliver one workshop free with absolutely no obligation to do another session/s. Subsequent workshops are currently $400.00 per session regardless of the number of participants.  Another option is a full or half day seminar that combines aspects of each individual 90 minute workshop as well as other big ideas and practical tips to increase lawyer resiliency.

Being a lawyer can be challenging and our precise curriculum is positive action you can take to support  staff including those that may be struggling somewhat.

Workshops  to choose from:

1.  The Resilient Lawyer

What does it mean to be a resilient lawyer for you? Why are lawyers generally an unhappy lot? What is it about being a lawyer and entering law in the first place that makes most lawyers pessimists? Includes two techniques to increase optimism.

 2. Self Care for Lawyers

Self care for lawyers. Are you getting a big enough dose? Includes all the neuroscience a lawyer needs to know to increase resilience and optimism. Also includes the importance of a positive morning routine.

3. Difficult Clients

Dealing with difficult clients and difficult lawyers. Some practical takeaways.

4. Philosophers  Notes for Lawyers

To be a resilient and well rounded lawyer it is important to be well read. But how many lawyers have the time? No problem. Three weeks before this workshop Scott will send 6 page summaries of 15 of the most influential books ever written on optimal living. Participants are asked to read three of these summaries and be prepared to discuss one in the workshop. Focus question: What ideas did you get on optimal living and resiliency from your reading?

5.  Improving work culture – a unique must- do workshop

This is a fun yet powerful workshop that will help make your firm an even better place to work. It  involves the 21 Day No criticism challenge. Participants are given a band that they put on one wrist. Every time they catch themselves complaining, criticizing or gossiping, they move the band to the other wrist. It is Mission Impossible for most of us to get through the 21 days without switching the band. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant consciousness raising process to help build a more resilient mind.

This is not an exercise in becoming a wimp and indeed greats such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King would be quite comfortable with the theory and practice behind this workshop. Scott explains the neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom behind this challenge.

Scott also shows how the  work culture is systemic like marriage. In happy marriages the ratio of positive ‘turn towards’ is 5 to every 1 negative ‘turn away’. A marriage heading for divorce will have a ratio around 1:1. In addition to the 21 Day Challenge we look at other practical day-to-day things you can do to contribute to a positive work culture.

 6. Stay or go decisions

Stay or go decisions. Most resignation triggers involve relationship breakdowns. What are the options? If you are secretly considering quitting, are there things to try before you hand in your resignation? Maybe your firm is not a good fit for you but could there be other things going on? If you do decide to divorce your firm, how can you make it a positive divorce?

For more details and to discuss whether our program might be a good fit for your firm call Scott on 0413 931 232

Individual coaching also available

Do you dread entering your billable hours? Is your lawyer sandbox no fun? Have you developed chronic stress?  It can be hard to work things out without a coach and the science.

Scott is well qualified and has spent thousands of hours investigating the key ingredients  of resiliency.  So for clients there is lots of  wisdom in less time.

Call Scott on 0413 931 232. One free session to see if it is a good fit for you. Skype or face-to-face.